I always used to wear black. Total black. All black everything. You get the idea. It’s only been in the last 3-2 years that it stopped, and now I’m at the point where wearing any more than one piece of black clothing makes me feel odd. I like to wear colour, or brighter at least.

But I’d never really properly associated how much my clothes went with how I was feeling. I wore black because I never had the confidence to wear anything else. Black is mysterious yet not quiet and non assuming. It doesn’t scream for attention yet it can command authority. Recently, a friend actually turned round to me and said, “Is everything OK? I noticed you’ve been wearing a lot of black again recently.” I actually laughed at first. But as we continued talking I realised how true it was. Work have been super stressful and with both my mum and granddad being sick in hospital I’d reverted back to darker style. One that I thought didn’t show my emotions as it was non-descriptive. My look had become more comfortable, more sports-inspired. I was always on the run, but I wasn’t sure if it was towards something, or away from it.

I had the chance to shoot with the awesome Sitakesphotos again recently as we captured the essence of how I was feeling. My friend Nick nailed it by saying it had a Kidulthood, angst vibe to it. In an underground car park in London, we mapped out the stress, the confusion and angst I was carrying around with me. It was a really interesting shoot, trying different poses and looking for a finish that felt more out of a movie clip.

Jacket - Nike from asos.com | Jumper - BLK DNM from harveynichols.com | Jeans - Replay from harveynichols.com | Trainers - APL from harveynichols.com |

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.