I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter and crowd funding in general. It’s opened the door to countless new brands who are given and substantial boost to popularity because they are funded by the people who they hope to sell to. A successful Kickstarter means the masses want what you’re offering. So once a month I’m going to introduce you to a Kickstarter that I think is worth the investment.

The inaugural spot goes to the imossi N1 wallet.

Imossi’s N1 aims to slim down your wallet in a stylish and functional way with its unique design. Made from a single piece of anodised aluminium, your cards simply slot into either side of the central divider and are held in place by a branded fabric strap. Jumping on the personalisation trend the N1 comes with five different colour bands for you to choose from.

But the features don’t stop there, it also comes with a keyhole so you can attach it to a lanyard to keep it forever in arms reach. There’s also a handy bottle opener on one end should the need arise. It actually came in great use at a BBQ I was at the day I wrote this post! As for the wallet’s functionality, it’s easy to change to straps and your cards are relatively easy to get to, the more you have the harder it is.

The N1 holds up to 6-8 cards. The key to remember is these types of wallets don’t really slim your wallet per say, it’s more that they force your hand to de clutter. Not receipts and excess unused cards collecting not dust. It’s just the must have ones. I was worried about my cards scratching in the metal sliding them in and out but my worries were unfounded. Two weeks in to using it and they are fine. Will a full contingent of cards the wallet is reasonably heavy compared to a leather slim card wallet due to its metal frame. But I actually like this aspect and you don’t run the problem of the leather becoming loose.

You can fold up notes and place them in the wallet if you need to, but it’s a bit cumbersome and you have to put it on the outside as it won’t slide in the pack easy. This is very much a wallet for the no-cash carriers among us.
Overall I’m really impressed with the N1. It’s easy to carry and it looks awesome. It also makes it easier for contacted payment/oyster or gym cards. One either side of the central bar means they won’t clash and I never have to sift through to tap out or in to the gym or tube. Easy street.

I did contact the imossi team to discuss RFID scanners and what protection the wallet offers; a sleek micro-thin metal sheet is supplied with the wallet to go on the outside of your cards to stop them being scanned. I didn’t get to try this as it was still in development, but I’d be interested to know if this then stops you from being able to use contactless without having to remove your shield.

The only thing to note is that if you put it on a key chain, don’t put it on when other keys. I did and got an annoying scratch on it as a result. Nothing damaging, just the black wore off.
The N1 will be staying in my back pocket for a long while yet as its conscience nice and look is exactly what I need for a wallet. I actually bought a new card wallet a week before imossi sent me this, that wallet is now sat on the side feeling sorry for itself. #sorrynotsorry

Want to be one of the first to get your hands in an N1?

Then head over to Kickstarter  and fund their campaign here.

There’s still 26 days left and they are already near their target; these are going to go quick! Pledges start at £14 for an imossi branded t-shirt or £29 for a N1 wallet and five colour bands, up to £99 for a special personalised package


Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.