With more and more brands taking note of the incredible growth of the men’s fashion market, D.Hedral goes beyond the basics, taking men’s fashion to a whole new way of thinking by providing underwear that not only looks great, but keeps the masculine form in mind, or ‘behind’ as the case seems.

While having been hailed as the new ‘Wonderbra for the man’s bum’ by many, D.Hedral’s range of underwear actually aims to move past the gimmicks of ‘enhancing this and lifting that’; it creates underwear that becomes a second skin. The perfect fit for your shape, designed to eliminate pulling, chaffing and the feared self-wedgie.


The Science

This ultimate fit is achieved though the D.Hedral’s innovative AngleFit technology — a uniquely angled Y-band at that back that creates the perfect fit for your bum.

Three bum shapes that define the angles are devided into groups according to roundness: Slim, Average and Full – categorised as 135°, 115° and 95° respectively.

After selecting your usual waist size, simply choose your actual bum size (remember, this isn’t an enhancer, you don’t chose Full because you want a full shape, you choose it as you have a full shape and want the best fit).

How to find your AngleFit:

Choose your waist size: Small: 28-30″, Medium: 32-34″, Large: 36-38″, XLarge: 40-42″

Then your bum shape:


So if you’re a medium waist with a full bum shape your AngleFit is M95°. Simple.


The Appearance

The ranges are split into three collections: The Glam series, Executive and Daily Luxury. Here are my top choices from each.


Glam Series: Gigolo Joe red tape briefs

You don’t get much more ‘glam’ than red and black. The contrast of the deep red taping to the back and front provides an intensity to this darker style, the wide waistband is always a popular choice, while the D.H logo to the side subtly ads in the label’s branding.


Executive series: Gort trunks

These Gort trunks are perfect for day-to-day when you need a little bit more coverage. A simple bi-colour design makes them a work-day staple and the dash markings to the waist band lend sporting appeal, while the silk-blend composition provides a luxury note to finish.


Daily Luxury: Leon trunks

Another easy-wear, daily essential, these Leon trunks provide a luxe upgrade to tighty-whiteys of yesteryear.  A contrast, two-tone waistband gives them a modern finish with the D.Hedral logo adding the branding details.

Having been lucky enough to see these being shot on the models at Selfridges before putting them on the site (do you need a jealous pause? OK), the look of these briefs and trunks is seamless. I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair for myself.


Have any of you invested in D.Hedral yet? What size did you buy? What are your thoughts? Get in touch here or on twitter @IamNeilThornton and let me know! As always pictures also welcome for the upcoming gallery, but tasteful images please!


D.Hedral is available at Dhedral.com and Selfridges.com now

Want to see more? Watch D.Hedral’s amazing new campaign video below.

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.