Ever since I read that God Tom Ford says that you should replace your underwear draw every six months to keep it fresh, I have.

That may seem a bit much, but who am I to argue with him? Have you seen him?! The man is a walking/talking poster for the perfect gent. Now, I know you’re thinking ‘That’s going to cost a fortune’, but not necessarily; a half-yearly refresh mens your due to swap things up around Sale time, so it’s easy to get your hands on some designer draws for less.

But I must admit that I had started to become rather bored of the same old pair of Calvins, thus I decided to start looking further a field. So let me introduce you to the five underwear brands you should be wearing…



Now, I’ve told you all about D.HEDRAL before (If you’ve forgotten you can read more about them here). But they are still in my top five underwear brands. The cuts are amazing, the fits are impeccable and the AngleFit technology means these briefs become as much a part of your wardrobe, and looking good, as the rest of your outfit.

Get your hands on a pair now at www.dhedral.com



I was recently introduced to Claesen’s No.1 by way of Twitter, and they team then contacted me as asked to send me some samples. Claesen’s underwear is made from the finest pima cotton that gives the fabric a soft, silky feel that’s also highly resistant to pilling. I tried the Medallion print boxers and the Navy briefs and so far I’ve been really impressed. The Medallion print boxers are beautifully cut and print is great; they aren’t as soft as the briefs because they are printed on but they are always the first I reach for. The Briefs are super comfortable, there’s a little excess fabric in the seat that means by the end of the day once the fabric has stretched a bit you can get agitated by it. Claesen’s also do a great range of lounge and sleepwear tops made from the same pima cotton. I tried on of the T-shirts and it felt amazing to wear, albeit quite long in the body. Definitely recommended.

Try them for yourself at www.claesensno1.com



If there’s one thing I do have a bit of a penchant for, it’s statement underwear. It’s not because I drop my trousers in public or anything (most of the time), but I simply just think it’s fun. Your underwear should be a throw-away choice. Choose them for a reason, be it print, style or whatever. I love Curbwear’s irreverent style and cheeky branding. Such winners and ‘Blow me‘, ‘Top,’, ‘Bottom‘ and ‘Versatile‘ or the polo shirt-style briefs are sure to get people talking. And provide a sight when you finally do drop trow. I also thoroughly recommend checking out their Instagram to follow the exploits of the brand’s campaign star, Ben. *Swoon*.

Want to add your own identity to your underwear?
Go to www.curbwear.com



When I think of Pringle, I always think of socks for some reason (which I’ve bought for years!), never underwear. So when they sent me some pairs to try, I was pleasantly surprised, though not sure why, that their great fabric choices, cuts and style carries through to their boxers. I went for a really slick black set with coloured-trim detailing. An easy choice for work or formal events.

Fancy going refined? Head to Sockshop.co.uk


For those looking at add a little life to what they’ve got going on ‘down there’ then Björn Borg are worth a look. Designed to make you feel active AND attractive, Borg styles celebrate masculinity in all forms and offers a great range of colours from classic, to seasonal solids and the more lively printed styles they have become known for.

Go bold at www.bjornborg.com

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.