Many words have been used to describe the man above: style icon, sporting hero, metro-sexual, man’s man, ladies man as well as some less favourable ones after a certain sporting incident which we shall not go into.  This man is of course, David Beckham.

David’s style has been a hot topic of conversation for magazines and fashion sights for many years now. David is always on trend and clearly knows what he’s is doing, what looks good and is also not afraid to try out something new and take risks (we all remember the sarong don’t we).

When David isn’t busy parading around in skimpy underwear for such globally recognisable ads, like his Armani Underwear campaign, David is always at the forefront of what is hot when fully clothed.  He is the master of accessories as well as layering, hitting the right notes every time.  Now, of course David will have stylists, endless budgets and Victoria to help him dress, but I’m going to look at a few style of his and break them down so anyone can try them.

I have always been a huge fan of David’s style; he has always been a huge source of inspiration to my own way of dressing. So many times when I have been scouring the net for inspiration on new things to buy or simply how to re-invent what I already had, has David popped up on screen as having already been there and done it.

First rule for David is to never rest of your laurels, change it up.  Over the years David’s style has constantly been evolving. From his fresh faced look at the start of his career to the suave, super tailored GQ image we have come to know and love. However once again his style is evolving. Shot for the front cover of Fantastic Man magazine, David can be seen sporting a super on trend geek-chic/preppy look using designers such as Dior, CanaliAlexander McQueen, and Yves Saint Laurent, with Horn-rimmed glasses an awesome Teddy Boy inspired crop to match.  David was also snapped incorporating this style into his everyday at a recent LA Lakers game where he had a sharp side parting mixed in with a casual Tee.

David has inspired me to no end; it is from him that my love of the oversized beanie came as well as a staple dress code of keeping to 3 items. David is the king of the 3 piece look, these pieces being first of all the trousers, followed by an under, then over garment.  Whether it’s the tailored trousers, dress shirt with the waistcoat, or a more causal pair of distressed jeans, with plaid shirt and cardigan or under vest. David’s rule of three always leaves him looking good.

But of course there is one more addition, accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit and David knows this only to well.  Up until recently one of David’s staples has been the Aviator Sunglasses, most notably his variety of Rayban’s. With his move to a more geek-chic look these have transformed to a more Wayfarer style.  David also loves his bags, belts and jewellery, whether it is his standard 5-carat diamond earrings or the more earthy leather wrist straps.

David really is an icon when it comes to Men’s fashion. His look is always versatile and always on-trend, and what’s best is for us average Joes; it’s always so easily adaptable for a standard annual wage.


Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.