It may seem like summer is already on it’s way out. The sales have started and the weather has gone back to grey. But there’s still plenty of time left for last-minute holidays and to keep praying to the powers-that-be that the the sunshine returns to British shores. Making sure your ready for whichever sunshine-soaked eventuality you follow, Farah’s High Summer SS15 collection offers an effortless route to vay-kay styling.

‘High Summer’ may not be a term most are familiar with, but this is Farah’s way of muscling in on the girls; giving guys a little more choice over the season. The XY’s among us are usually forced to put up with two drops a year (SS and AW) whereas for the girls, once you add in ‘resort’ and ‘cruise’ you end up with multiple new collections a year.

I’ve been a fan of Farah for a while now, since first stumbling into one of their stores. Farah, and Farah Vintage collections are great go-to brands for guys who like their style simple without feeling boring, yet fun without being to out there. From subtle prints, muted patterns and contemporary details, Farah allows you to build a modern wardrobe fit for any true style seeker.

As for the High Summer drop, a backbone of sharp short-sleeved shirts, tailored shorts and printed tees creates the ultimate summer capsule. There’s also a lighter sprinkling of button-down Oxford shirts and poplin polos for good measure.

Farah’s High Summer collection is available now form

Check out more of the collection below.


Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.