Choosing a new pair of headphones can be a pain in the ass; trying to decide whether to choose style over sound or size over shape. There are so many options out there that we begin to suffer decision fatigue (that’s an actual thing!)

So those seeking a new sound will be please to discover AIAIAI’s latest release - the TMA-2 Modular headphones.

A series of four ‘presets’ - the Young Guru, the All-Round, the DJ and the Studio - the TMA-2 Modular headphones come in easy-to-assemble packages with simple instructions; it’s like the Lego of headphone making, seriously. This interchangeable offering means that for the first time, audiophiles can have their sweet sound delivered to their ears in a truly personalised way. No longer will you have to choose between style or sound, size or shape, because now you can have it all, in any way you wish.

The headphones arrive in a slick looking box with each part individually packaged. Assembly is super quick and easy, but there’s a handy video on YouTube should you get stuck. Once constructed, the headphone doe rattle a bit if you shake them, so  I do wish they were a little tighter on the connecting parts as it makes them feel cheaper that they actually are.

The guys at AIAIAI sent me a pair of the All-Round preset headphones for review and I’ve been testing them out over the past few weeks.

First up, the design of the TMA-2 is on point. The matte black finish is slick and stylish while the new and enhanced polyamide TR90 construction means these headphones are super lightweight while remaining superiorly durable - the headband’s super flexibility makes it easy to swap in modular parts. The long cable also has a neat and tidy microphone and skip/stop/play buttons for use with phones.

As for wearability, the All-Round preset is probably the closest relation to AIAIAI’s predecessor, the TMA-1. They are light to handle, near unnoticeable to wear and comfortable on the ear. After multiple-hour wearing my ears did feel a little warm though.

The All-Round preset is what it says on the tin; an all rounder. The sound profile is pretty neutral, so even though it isn’t superior on bass or crispness of mid-tones to the other presets, it does allow to a well-balanced experience when listening to multiple music genres or even video.

The on-ear style means that there is only moderate noise isolation and my listening experience was compromised when on loud tube rides to work. I’d love to try the larger presets as I am an over-ear kinda guy.

The AIAIA All-Round headphones offer great value for money for the quality and build with a price tag of around £100 and being able to add more preset parts to them as you go on makes them a superior investment to others on the market. Definitely worth your consideration if you’re looking for a quality set of headphones without breaking the bank.

Check out the full range of AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones here.


Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.