So (hashtag) LCM is upon us and it couldn’t be more exciting. Bring on three days of beautiful clothes, model and after parties. It’s a tough job, and you’re pissed off it’s not yours, I know.

Despite all the hype and thrill of the Collections it can take it’s toll. From pre first show prep to heading home, slightly wobbly at the knee, after the last ‘work’ party has finish – just to then get home and start writing up the days findings - leaves all LCM attendees burning the candle at both ends with working days of up to 20 hours. Not as fun.

By the end of the final day, our skin has battled the elements as we rush between shows, our livers have taken hit after hit of intoxicating liquid, both alcoholic and caffeine bases, and our minds and bodies have taken a hit from the lack of rest. This leaves us looking less than our usual pretty selves.

So I’m going to take your through some of my top tips for looking good at LCM, staying looking good and keeping looking good afterwards.

Cleanse your palette

Nice and simple – don’t forget to moisturise every morning before you head out. Your face is your blank canvas and will show off the results of last night without fail no matter how well you’re dresses, so look after your skin. Use enough to get a good covering to help protect your skin and don’t forget to wash your face with a light cleanser every night before bed.  I’ll be opting for a simple Dove Men+Care face soap – quick, easy, reliable.

Clean the windows

Your eyes are the windows to your soul (apparently, good luck finding one at LCM) so it pays to keep them fresh and bright. I love to use Liz Earle’s Eyebright soothing lotion, simply pour onto cotton wool and dab around the eyes to relive bags and irritation. I’m also a fan of Garnier’s Caffiene Eye Roll-on, just roll around before you head out, or take it with you in your jacket pocket.

Pay lip service

It’s a simple one but often forgotten. Always carry some form of lip care with you, be it a staple pot of Vaseline or something a little more hard working like Blistex Instensive Moisturiser. There’s nothing worse than getting your photo taken or trying to mack on a model with chapped lips. In the words of the iconic Ms. Houston, “Crack is whack”. Preach, sista.

The great beauty cover up

The law of Sod (that bastard) inevitably means you will wake up on Day one with a garish red spot right there on your money maker. Tragic.  Never fear, Clinique’s Stay Matte foundation is here to save you. This brilliant cover up will keep your redness away and out of sight of the cameras, a smaller-than-a-pea size amount dabbed on your spot or bags with your finger will see it disappear – and it won’t look like you have any makeup on either.

So there you have it, my beauty saving graces for LCM. Hope it helps!

Let me know your beauty saviours on twitter.

- Neil Thornton

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.