Even with many men having shaved off their facial hair for Movember, the ever-popular beard is still very much present in the world around us, and so to help those hairy gents keep their beards looking sharp, Murdock London has released a full beard collection.

Building on the runaway success of their Beard Moisturiser, which recently won an award for Best New Beard Care at the GQ Grooming Awards, Murdock London is now introducing a Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner and Beard oil into the mix.

“A great beard doesn’t just happen. Like all important things in life, its success depends on preparation.” - Murdock London

Beard Moisturiser

The foundation of the collection, the Beard Moisturiser gives you all of the softness yet none of the greasiness of an oil. It’s mind-bogglingly light and works to minimise irritation and brittleness, leaving it soft and healthy. Quick-absorbing, the moisturiser contains soothing aloe vera and menthol for added freshness. This is without a doubt one of my most favoured grooming products, I recommend it to any man with a beard, and you can see me using it in my YouTube beard tutorial. Shop it here

Beard Shampoo

Made from an advanced pH-balanced formula, the shampoo doesn’t contain any harsh detergents so it’s soft on your beard and skin. It helps to reduce frizz, keep in moisture and remove daily grime. Shop it here

Beard Conditioner

With a main focus to soften the hair and the skin underneath, the Beard Conditioner contains hydrolysed wheat protein which moisturises the hair and increases shine. Shop it here

Beard Oil

I found the oil a little greasy, but it’s not overly surprising, but the blend of apricot, jojoba, sunflower and organic Argan oils are highly emollient which acts as a concentrated way to soften the hair and keep it looking healthy.

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Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.