I love a good energy boost. My usual go-to being coffee, sometimes you just need that little bit extra, especially before or after a work out. So I was rather happy when an order for 6vitaminshot arrived at my door.

The main point of difference for this brand is that unlike many of it’s competitors, this energy drink contains zero sugar as is super low in calories. 6vitaminshot is an anytime, anywhere supplement designed for everyone from sports enthusiasts and gym goers looking for increased performance output, or students needing help concentrating while studying, or anyone simply looking to get their daily vitamin intake up.

So what’s in the bottle?

Created by those in the know, 6vitaminshot is a one-stop energy shot, giving your recommended vitamin allowance and a slow-release energy boost. 6vitaminshot offers six key benefits:


A powerhouse in a tiny package, the bottle contains:

Niacin – Helps maintain good cholesterol
B6 – Helps the metabolism of all the foods we consume
Folic Acid – Helps repair and clean blood cells also contains amino acids that help rebuild muscle
B12 – Helps convert carbs into glucose leading to energy production and  reducing fatigue
Pantothenic Acaid – Helps maintain a healthy stamina
L – Tyrosine – One of the most important amino acids – helps mental clarity during physical activity
Taurine – Helps increase strength, can extend workouts and increase recovery
L – Carnitine – Increases work capacity, athlete performance and make your brain work better
Glucornolactone – Known key ingredient in pre-workout supplements for physical energy and mental focus
Glycine – Helps create muscle tissue and converts glucose to energy
Caffeine – Can enhance performance during physical activity

I didn’t use my 6vitamin shots every day. I preferred to keep one in my kit bag for emergencies. So if I felt particular destroyed by a work out, or I was heading out after and needed the lift, I’d down the shot and replace the bottle next time I was home.

One of the best things about this shot is that it tastes great! So often, these types of potent supplements have an awful taste but the 6vitaminshot doesn’t. It’s intense in flavour, but goes down a treat.

Definitely recommend toting some of these about in your bag for when you need it.

You can find 6vitaminshot at 6vitaminshot.co.uk

This post originally appeared as part of my Groomed column for planetnotion.com

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.