This post comes courtesy of Disney’s Frozen, Kylie Minogue, Tom Daley and The Holy Trinity that is Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga.

OK, so I am sat here, having cancelled my night out because I have to wait for a plumber as my kitchen tap exploded. SAD FACE. So I turned to the internet to lift my spirits and I found some doozies for you. So if you’re feeling down, or need a distraction. Enjoy, my friends.

Kylie Minogue releases new song, “Into the Blue”

It sounds a little like something we’ve heard before, but it’s bloody good.

Disney’s Frozen gets censored

I know I shouldn’t like this because I love the film. But this is f*****g funny.

There was also the too-funny-to-be-true-but-it-is reviews of the Sugar Free Gummy Bears on Amazon that is doing the viral rounds.

I also came across a guy called Andrew who made brilliant Vines - including this one:


I think if they are in a room together for too long the space/time continuum would just collapse in on itself in an explosion of glitter and homosexuals.

So yeah, this has what has kept me from crying all evening. Random blog over and out.


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