Tiger of Sweden celebrate the ‘heroes of the night’ with the brand’s new ’9 to 5′ collection.

Designed as a tribute to the night shift, Tiger of Sweden reinterprets the classic ’9 to 5′ saying, flipping it on its head – saluting the moonlight labourers of the city nightlife. The new campaign follows a cloakroom attendant, DJ, busboy and a nightclub custodian, all dressed in Tiger of Sweden’s brand new spring jeans collection (obviously).

“At Tiger of Sweden, we’ve always been fascinated by the shadowy hours of nighttime and what takes place in the transition between day and night. We appreciate the dark and the secretive, the stuff you don’t notice at a glance. We also enjoy that party and the rough life that takes place in the darkest hours”
Johan Schalin, Designer at Tiger of Sweden

The new collection also sees an exiting musical collaboration between Tiger of Sweden and Björn Yttling, of the group Peter, Bjorn & John. Together they have created an exclusive remake of the iconic Dolly Parton-penned ’9 to 5′, released alongside an accompanying music video that sees our intrepid nighttime workers tackling a tough shift at a nightclub from 9pm to 5am in the morning.

Shop Tiger of Sweden’s new ’9 to 5′ collection over at tigerofsweden.com.

The track ’9 to 5′ by Björn Yttling/The Interns is also available now on iTunes, Spotify and Wimp.

Watch the video and see the campaign photos on the Tiger of Sweden website.

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Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.