*Sings* It’s beginning to smell a lot like summer… OK, I won’t subject you to my lack of vocal ability, but I will show you 4 new men’s fragrances* that are worth checking out if you’re looking to change things up during the warmer months.

For a really long time, I’ve never been one to switch up my fragrance. I’ve always like to have a signature and leave it at that; usually something very woody an rich. But over the years I’ve started opening up my scent palette to new notes.  I began wearing an everyday scent, then another for evenings/special occasions. But these days I’m a smorgasbord of scents. I love to change it up whenever I feel like it, to keep people on their toes. But the notes usually revolve around a similar profile, so people know the scent is me.

But these scents, and one in particular, are making me rethink how I wear fragrance. These smashing summer scents are the perfect partner to lighter, crisp evenings and getaways to summer sun, take a look.

DKNY Men Summer 2018

While its rather mundane name doesn’t exactly entice you to purchase, DKNY’s summer scent for men is a super-affordable offering for those looking for a sojourn from their staple fragrances.

A very easy-to-wear, everyday fragrance, this woody scent features notes of musk, vanilla, woody notes and green notes. The bottle is a super-tall rhombus with the brand’s logo emblazoned on the side. At first, I thought the bottle was a little obnoxious, and too big. But I’ve actually changed my mind, it’s long and slim body make it easy to slide into your bag, and more importantly, easy to find and take out. Am I the only one who is always digging around the bottom of their bag?

DKNY Men Summer 2018 is available now for £19.99 from The Perfume Shop


Tommy Hilfiger Weekend Getaway

Now this was one scent I wasn’t expecting to like. A lot of other Tommy fragrances I’ve tried before have felt rather commercial, which I guess it sets out to achieve; mass appeal. And while This fragrance definitely is that, there was just something about it I loved.

Tommy Weekend Getaway is inspired by sunny summer days (OK, I’m here for this so far, who doesn’t love sun). Notes of bergamot (there it is again!) and red ginger control the top notes, while clary sage and white pepper are in the heart, placed on a woody base of sandalwood and vetiver.

There is something super nostalgic in this scent for me; it reminds me of my first ever fragrances as a teen. That boyhood idea of smelling ‘like a man’. The ginger hits you right at the back of the nose, while the white pepper and sandal wood really come through as the scent settles.

The bottle is a simple design; clear with a light blue hue to the liquid, decorated with palms on the lid. This one definitely makes a great gift.

Tommy Weekend Getaway is available for £50 from Debenhams


Ermenegildo Zegna Acqua di Neroli

“Acqua di Neroli delivers the sun-drenched effervescence of the Italian seaside with a zest of lemon” reads the box of this sophisticated scent. Could anything sound more perfect for summer? I was super chuffed to get to try this new scent ahead of its June 1st launch. Packed with summer fresh notes, including bergamot (one of my all-time favourite notes) and Neroli. Now, I know Neroli - it’s an essential oil produced from the blossom of a bitter orange tree - but I’m fairly new to it in a scent (it’s a super popular note, I just haven’t ever worn one where it was a lead note). These citrus notes pack an energising punch and it was one of those scents where I couldn’t stop smelling myself.

A note to the sheer class of a Zegna fragrance, the bergamot is actually their own, harvested in Calabria, Italy. Steeped in Italian heritage, the scent was also designed in Milan. I’m really becoming an advocate of Zegna fragrances, their are never a throwaway thought. They are carefully crafted and considered and I have, to date, never found one from them I didn’t like. You can check out some more of their scents here.  Now I just need to sort a trip to the Italian seaside. Who’s with me?

Additional notes include: lavender, cypress, rosemary, violet leaves, watermelon, woods, cypriol, tree moss, seaweed, musk and sandalwood. Ermenegildo Zegna Acqua di Neroli is available exclusively at John Lewis from June 1st.

Michael Kors

Moving on from EXTREME Night and EXTREME Blue, Michael Kors latest offering, EXTREME Speed, is a masculine and spicy-woody composition. Developed for men who like a thoroughly modern scent. Created around concepts of adventure, freedom and living a dynamic life, this is a scent for those who are attracted by intensity in any form. EXTREME Speed is for the adrenaline junkies of the world.

Packed with top notes of cardamom, cypress and sage, a heart of cinnamon, violet and coriander on a base of cedar, patchouli and tolu baslsam, the composition is a bracing mix of woody and spicy notes, infused with aromatic herbs and balsamic aromas.

The dark blue bottle with chrome trim reflects the scent’s identity; intense with depth and a sophistication.

Michael Kors EXTREME Speed is available for £72 from Boots.com


*All fragrances featured in this article were part of various samples sent to me by brands. As always, I am under no obligation to feature these products at any point. Their inclusion here is on their own merit and and my opinion on them.

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.