It’s not everyday you get to have a baking lesson from a star of the phenomenon show The Great British Bake Off. So when am email landed in my inbox from the guys at Bacofoil inviting me to do just that, needless to say I replied rather quickly! The event, held at Good Housekeeping’s Cookery School, saw the launch of Bacofoil’s new non-stick baking paper.

On you marks, get set, BAKE!


The setting couldn’t be more perfect; the smell of fresh-baked cakes and cookies surrounded us as the GBBO soundtrack played in the background. Benjamina took us through a some of her top baking tips, starting with baking cookies. As part of her partnership with Bacofoil, Benjamina has created a range of recipes including the coconut and white chocolate cookies we made together. I’ve never been the best at baking cookies, I’m more of a sponge man, but Benjamina’s top tip to cookie conquering is to use an ice cream scoop to portion the dough. She also doesn’t flatten them, she prefers to let them settle as they bake, meaning they come out thicker and soft on the inside.


Bacofoil: More than just baking paper

Bacofoil’s new non-stick baking paper is unique because of it’s ‘3D textured’ structure. Less surface area in contact with the bake allows it to slide effortlessly off. Benjamina showed us our to use the new non-stick baking paper to create a makeshift piping bag. Using what can only be described as an origami-style system of folds, we whipped our piping bags after a few attempts and then set and trying our hand at icing. Now, I’m not going to lie, icing is really hard. The folks on GBBO make it look easy! I’m not going to be getting ‘Star Icer’ any time soon, or going anywhere near the famous tent. I’ll just stick to eating the icing straight out of the bag.


To finish, Benjamina showed a few neat tricks with the baking paper to help save on time when it comes to getting those delicious bakes in the oven. She showed us how you can use a square of baking paper for muffin cases, saving on buying pre-made ones. The result is actually quite beautiful, the style you see in artisan bakeries where the paper erupts upward around the muffin.

After all of the baking there was only one thing left to do; eat! From brownies and cupcakes to cookies and more - it was a sweet tooth dream and everything tasted delicious. All washed down with a glass of bubbles and a bit of Bake Off chat, naturally.

Oh, and of course a cheeky photo!

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Bacofoil’s non-stick baking paper is available nationwide at selected retailers.


Written by Neil Thornton
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