Get-fit-fast super class gyms are fast becoming all the rage, and there’s a new player in town. Lunge forward, F45 Training.

An Australian-born phenomenon, F45 Training, as the name suggests, focuses on intense 45 minute HIIT workouts that hit the body hard. Classes alternate each day from cardio to resistance-based training, but each follow a HIIT format.

Now F45 Training is popping up all over London, with the first opening on Tottenham Court Road. I couldn’t resist trying it out, so I signed up for a week’s trial. 7 days of HIIT, EEK!

I was nervous as hell on my first day; would I make it? Would I vomit? What if I couldn’t do something? But the friendly staff help put you at ease and the other members are all eager to help out newbies.

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The room is small but focused. Every square inch is dedicated to a move. Screens at the back of the room indicated what move is to be done at each station, with a timer to help you keep track (which also buzzes). You move around and workout for the designated time, then rest – some of which are very short.

Over the week, I loved the mix of classes, the cardio ones are particularly tough as I’ve been a resistance trainer for ages now. The classes are all named and are the same at every centre, so wherever you go you train the same.

I can’t express enough how much you sweat. I can’t remember the last time I sweat so hard, and this is exactly why I wanted to do this type of class. To really take my training up a gear. Saturday is the big day, a special 1 hour class called Hollywood that is absolutely brutal. The awesome twist is that there’s a live DJ and the party and fun vibe is unbelievable. We were all shouting, counting down, and encouraging each other. The comradery here is amazing and you become super excited to be there.

After 7 days my body was knackered. I was sleeping longer and better (and I needed it!) But by the end of the week I felt like a beast. My endurance was way up and I felt strong and super tight. I was already starting to see the changes in my body. The mixed training plus the intensity equals one hell of a body transformation.

Classes at F45 Training, like most of these gyms, are £20 a session and the price drops with the more you buy in one go. Monthly options are available too. For now, you can only train in the gym you sign up to as each centre is a franchise, independently owned.

Check out to find your nearest location.

Top tip: If you go to work after, take a ‘commuting outfit’ as you will be sweating even after showing as you head down on the tube. I sweat through a shirt before work and looked a mess when I got to the office!

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.