You all know I love my grooming. From haircare to skincare, it’s a love that borders addiction.

I’m also a fan of getting my hair cut. There’s little that compares to the confidence boost of a great haircut (even though you can never quite make it look like the hair stylist again, right?). I’ve ranted before about my distain for old school barbers who only allow around 20 minutes for a man’s haircut - it is very hard, dependant on your style, to get a god haircut in this time. So I’m always on the look out for new barbers offering a strong experience for men.

So for my latest review, I headed to Ted’s Grooming Room on Mortimer Street in central London to check out their Full Ted Service Treatment.

When you arrive at Ted’s you’re instantly offered refreshments. Coffee? No problem, Turkey’s finest shall be yours. Beer? Well, it was 10am on a Sunday, but it was offered!

I was looked after by Ege, who totally nailed the hair cut I had asked for, he spent the time asking questions to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. The cut was meticulous; no steps were visible in the blending and shape was manageable.

The cut-throat shave, one of my favourite treatments was razor sharp, excuse the pun. I only had my beard lined in and trimmed down (with a shaver), but it’s amazing how much it alters your face shape with a blade cut.

The treatment also involved ear flaming - it’s visually cool to see, albeit it daunting! Plus, the smell of burnt hair is vile, but it’s worth the experience.

Afterwards I was treated to threading and, well, I almost cried. I don’t know why I didn’t think it wouldn’t hurt? Threading is literally yanking out your hair. It did make my eyes looks slick, but fuck me, women are warriors. Saying this, I would have it done again!

The only note I had on the service was when having your hair washed, you have to lean forward into the sink in a rather uncomfortable position and the water gets all over your face, but Ege was quick with the towels so it wasn’t by any means a deal breaker.

Apart from the awesome decor, and the great haircut one of the other things that makes Ted’s a must-try is the prices. Most higher-end London salons charge around £40-50 for a standard wash and cut, but at TGR it will only set you back around £28. For £40-50 quid you can bag yourself a a full-on treatment.The Full Ted Service includes a wash, haircut, cut-throat beard trim, ear flaming, balm and hot towels and eyebrow threading, a second wash and styling ! Value for money feels like an understatement.

I couldn’t recommend Ted’s Grooming, or my barber EGE, enough.

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Photography by the awesome @Sitakesphotos. Check out his website here.


Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.