Men get a bad name when it comes to household chores. From cooking and cleaning, to laundry and the weekly shopping (and don’t forget the gas bill!), we’re constantly told we’re no good at it - multitasking is a skill only bestowed on the ladies among us.

Well no more, I say! Say hello to the 5 Apps To Make You a Domestic God.

1. Go Fantastic
Currently one of my most used domestic apps, Go Fantastic is the digital-booking service for Fantastic Services. This app pretty much covers any house-keeping chore you can think of; domestic cleaning, DIY, carpet cleaning, gardening, removals, rubbish removals and even pet care. The app is super easy to use and the rates are competitive. We’ve used their cleaning services for months now, meaning our house is always clean and tidy - they even make the bed for me. WINNING.

Recently we also used the app to get the carpets cleaned. With over five years of wear and tear and staining, they needed a freshening up - and the job was done in under two hours and the carpets looked amazing. They even got out some really tough staines - all for 38 quid. Domestic cleaning starts at around £33 for a three-hour minimum booking. Free form the App Store.

2. MyShopi App
If you’re one for forgetting something every time you go shopping, then this app is going to be a god send. Great for guys who macro-manage the shit out of their food, MyShopi allows you to enter your favourite shop, shopping list and quantities as well as adding favourites for quick finding later. It is a bit fiddly, but for a free app it’s worth a shot. Download from the app store.

3. Sous Chef
Become a master cook with Sous Chef, a handy timer app that allows you to have 5 timers going at once, making sure you don’t let anything cook to long. There’s also a handy converter and servings calculator - so food-prep lovers like me can have a huge cook up in no time, ready for the week.  Free form the app store.

4. Just Eat
For those that don’t want to deal with cooking, but need to impress come date night, Just Eat is a must for accessing local cuisine, quickly! Just make sure you get recommendations first. Download free here.

5. Laundrapp
I think most guys can identify with hating doing the laundry; it just sits there piling high in your room until you run out of clothes. And there’s only so many days you can get away with the same undies, even once you’ve flipped them inside out and back to front. So let Laundrapp save the day. I first came across Laundrapp on the London Underground - an aggressive through-the-line marketing campaign meant the company had a heavy presence across all advertising spaces. I was moving house and had a pretty hefty amount of washing to do, compounded with a broken dishwasher I decided to call in the professionals to help. The app is a breeze to use. They collected the load from my house that evening and then washed, dried and folded it then returned it to me 24 hours later. Amazing. It wasn’t cheap (I mean, I was washing masses - I decided to do all my bedding and towels too!) about 40+ quid, but it all came back looking great and was in a huge Laundrapp bag, folded and ready move.

Domestic God status: Maximum level
Now get out there and prove them wrong!
Do you use apps to make your life easier? Get in touch and let me know which ones you use!
Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.