How fast can you run a mile?

If you’re keen to know, or you want to get tips form the best in the biz on how to reduce your time, then the new Nike Milers initiative is going to be your holy grail of training.

I’m a big running ran. It’s one of my favourite forms of exercise for a million reasons; it’s great indoors or out, it’s my therapy, my thinking time and a great way to get lean. So I was pumped to get to go running with Nike. I mean, who wouldn’t? Though I was unfortunately recovering from a nasty chest infection so I was a little tentative.

We were asked prior to the night to give our current mile times, I wasn’t 100% on what mine would be, but from figure out what I can do 10km, I gave a rough estimate (and rounded up slightly!) of eight minutes. I was pretty sure I could manage quicker, my aim was sub 6.30min.

The invitation said Hyde Park, Speaker’s Corner to be exact. But as I arrived all I saw was a Nike Miler’s flag, I then realised it was leading me underground! It was one hell of a venue, we were going to be racing about around luxury cars in a huge sub-terrain car park, with the whole space kitted out in flashing lights, pumping music, neon floor guides and big TV screens. Not exactly your average gym day, eh?

We were kitted out with the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 trainers and I’ve got to say, these say some fine-ass shoes. They’ve got some serious ‘bounce per ounce’ as Nike trainer Rory Knight put it. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve used the Nike Fly Knits for running for a fair while now, but I do fine that I need more support and these trainers have that in spades. They are super comfortable and you have just got to love the neon shades!

So the evening started off with a little pep talk form none other that the long-distance legend that is Paula Radcliffe! It was so awesome to get to meet her as well as her co-host, track and field star Steve Cram. Both of them were super cool and eager to offer any advice they could. We also watched some of the brightest young stars in game right now run a mile to show us how it’s done. They made it look easy!

British Athletics Endurance coach David Harmer lead us through a dynamic warm to get us ready for our mile, I could feel my chest tightening already - not a good sign! This was followed by a talk by Sports Psychologist Jennifer Savage. We learnt that mentally prepping is so important, and it’s not simply visualising winning, or standing on the gold podium, but more importantly HOW you are going to win. When will you pace yourself? When will you break from the pack? And when will you go hell-to-leather?

It was time to race. “Go on the 5th buzzer”, they said.

A slight miss-step on the fourth and we were off! I hit the first 30 seconds fast, mainly due to excitement, but realised my error and began to pace myself quickly. My blogger buddy Nik Speller was in the group that set off before me, and I was determined to keep him in my sight and use him as my marker. It was a tricky course with lots of winding turns and loops, but the music and the Nike team were cheering us the whole way. I was heading into my final loop when my chest started to burn, I was seriously struggling to breathe but I didn’t want to give up! I managed to keep Nik in front of me and hit the finish line holding my breath (not advised!)

5.58 seconds. BOOM. I think that was the first time I have ever gone sub-six minutes! It may be a long way off the record of sub-four but I was so happy. Hilariously, Nik got the exact same time.

It was a top event from Nike, totally immersive and inspiring. It made me want to train harder.

I’m really starting to love writing about training, and the sporting side of style. This may become a thing so watch this space…

Head to to find out more about Nike Milers and to register your interest. If you want to find your fast, get in touch with me on TwitterFacebook or on email and let me know, we’ll run together at the next event!

Oh, and here’s my official picture… look at the pain in my face!




Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.