As part of my fun-filled trip to Dublin, I also had chance to check out the Primark SS14 menswear collection, or Penneys for you Irish folk.

It’s always an interesting conversation, and a question I get asked a lot as a fashion writer: What are your thoughts on Primark? There is often an assumed distain from the fashion masses for high street stores and their mass-produced and fast fashion, but it is often misplaced.

I have no issue with Primark and other low price point high street stores; they have a place in the industry, providing accessible fashion for the masses that aren’t in the position to be spending excesses on designer clothing. My only gripe with certain high street chains is the layout of the stores. The factory-esque, crammed rails make the clothes feel as cheap as their price. I love it when stores give one item of clothing and entire wall, putting a high emphasis on value, both monetary and style wise. This is the prestige I put on clothing, hence why I have built a career around this love.

Primark has made many strides in recent years to change this; their latest store offering on Tottenham Court Road in London is plush, modern and generally cool. The store layout is exiting, and though still very ‘space-efficient’ it has a lot of cool elements including giant TV screens with campaign videos that make you feel like you’re buying to a lifestyle and not just buying clothes.

Speaking of the clothes, Primark’s SS14 menswear collection is simple and accessible and most importantly fun. There’s a lot of bold colour, retro dyes and nostalgic logos and though some of the looks aren’t my personal style, there are some great individual pieces, especially some of the prints, which would work well when paired with higher send separates.

I really like the printed jersey shorts and the floral print chino shorts, they’re just easy ways to liven up a summer look.

Take a look at the SS14 campaign


Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.