Welcome to the Close Shave Society, the latest ‘it’ club that everyone wants to be a part of – and the best part, every can and they can at a great price.

The Close Shave Society is a new subscription-shave initiative offering quality razors at affordable prices. The brainchild of young entrepreneurial duo Dane Straw and Zach Hanauer, the idea is simple – you pay a monthly, bi-monthly or annual fee and get razors delivered to your door, thus negating the need to trek to a store when you need replacements. The costs are kept low by having the product delivered straight to customers, the packaging is simple and clean, no fuss, all quality.

To get you started you have three options of blade to choose from – packs are delivered with four cartridges (razors):

‘The Bullet-Tooth Tony’ – Men’s three-blade razor.

Described as ‘[Oozing] macho and a no nonsense attitude’, the Bullet-Tooth Tony is a classic three-blade style. This razor features a Gothic Arch II design with stainless steel blades, flexible razor head for a smooth, even shave and has an Aloe Vera glide strip to soothe the skin as you shave.

‘The Houdini’ – Men’s five-blade razor.

Made with the to the same high spec as the three but with the addition of extra blades, the Houdini is designed for the closest of shaves. “This bad boy is so up close and personal with your face you may need a restraining order (sold separately).”

The third is a women’s five blade called ‘The Brazilian’. So we will gloss over, but for all intent and purposes it is a girls version of Houdini.

Each pack comes with a free handle with ergonomic grip and 4 cartridges. Postage and packaging included.

So how much does it cost I hear your cry? This is the really good bit:

For the three-blade – a month subscription is only £4. You heard, FOUR POUND!

Otherwise it’s £4.50 for two months – the thieving bastards! OR better yet, £42 for an entire years worth, that’s just £3.50 a month! Didn’t you just spend that on your venti, double-shot, wet, pumpkin spiced latte? Do the math people; invest your funds wisely.

For the five blade it’s £6, £6.50 and £66 respectively.

Better still, for those with commitment issues out there, there is no minimum term, you can sign up for one month if you wish and leave it at that. It’s only the year subscription that ties you down, but as the price is so low, like the Close Shave Society says, “don’t complain.”

I was given the chance to try out the Houdini five-blade this week and it didn’t disappoint. I teamed the experience with the Liz Earle for men shaving cream and the blades slid over my skin, no snagging, not cuts, just smooth skin. It pays to take your time, I had to go over some areas to get closer, so don’t rush. But the handle is light, comfortable to hold and the flexible head and aloe strip adds to the desirability of this great razor and concept as a whole. The value here is clear.

You want to be in this club.

Sign up to the Close Shave Society today

Or what their hilarious promo video:

- Neil Thornton

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Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.