Dude, do you even lift?


Well you should, especially when it comes to your face.

Kiehl’s new Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” offers to do the hard work for you – this anti-aging moisturiser is specifically tailored to men’s thicker, coarser skin. Heavy Lifting aims to leave skin feeling firmer, as if lifted – sans le surgery – and reduces the appearance of wrinkles thanks to stimulating caffeine, anti-oxidant vitamin C and shine-free glycerin.

Now, I do lift but I always appreciate an extra hand every now and again so I’ve been using Heavy Lifting for about two weeks and now and I am really impressed with the results.

Priced at £38 for 50ml, at first glance I did the usual ‘God, this will last me five seconds and I’ll have to splash out again…’ routine that I normally do when looking at premium products, but I this little beauty from Kiehl’s has well and truly silenced me. You only need the tiniest amount to cover your face, maybe a little extra for the neck too – don’t forget the neck! So two weeks later and you wouldn’t have realised I had used it yet.

After only a couple of days my skin felt fresher, firmer and looked cleaner and clearer than it has in a long time. I suffer from the dreaded stress breakouts and have always found it really hard to find a moisturiser not too intense to make it worse, but also good enough to actually have an effect and I think I am on to a winner.

My routine has been simple; I exfoliate my skin gently, cleanse and rinse then apply the moisturiser. I tend to exfoliate every other day/three days a week as this helps the moisturiser work harder and sink deeper. Kiehl’s provide a range of scrubs and cleansers to complement the moisturiser but you can also use your preferred products.

The only trouble I ran into was on days when I was rushing, literally, about. I got sweaty and my face did feel a little gooey (technical term), but I compensated the next time I knew I had a busy day and just put less on. Problem solved.

If you’re looking for a new moisturiserKiehl’s Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” is definitely a great place to begin.  Available here.

It’s time to start keeping it up, boys, because no one likes it droopy.

-Neil Thornton

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Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.