If you’re a social media user, the brand Bellroy wallets probably rings a bell (lol) as an aggressive marketing campaign has seen the brand popping up all over socialsphere, and I couldn’t wait to check them out. Luckily, A few weeks back the lovely folk at Bellroy sent me the Slim Sleeve wallet to review.

Their new collection of men’s wallets offer ergonomic design that reduces the bulk for a sleeker, space-efficient cash carrier that won’t leave unsightly bulges in trouser pockets.

The premise of the wallets design is to remove the additional layers of leather that often separate cards in wallets and add additional bulk. My slim lining the wallet and organising cards by usage, you can eliminate a large percentage of the bulk. Another impressive feature in the wallets design is Bellroy’s Nude Approach, where the wallets manufacture has been kept to the bare minimum of leather and thread with no excess lining. As Bellroy perfectly puts it, “It’s elegance meets intelligence.”

With the Slim sleeve wallet, your 2 main cards go in the front slots for easy access, like bankcards or driving licences – or Starbucks cards depending on your priorities. Then, a handy pull-tab allows you quick access to your less-used plastic - I also pit my Oyster card at the back of this section so I can tap in and out of the Underground through the wallet. The other slot is perfect for notes and receipts.

What I like about Bellroy wallets is that they also make you think economically. At first, I actually had two cards in each front slot, and cards and notes in both back sleeves, but after a few days I sat thinking were they really that necessary? Of course the answer was no.

As outward appearances go there isn’t anything flashy about the wallet; it’s simple, clean and classic. So there are no worries about it not going with anything and it also makes a great gift.

Bellroy offer an expansive range of everyday styles, the Note Sleeve and Take Out styles are worth particular attention as I think most men will love these for their genius design and practical nature. There’s also a new Elements range of weatherproof, hardwearing wallets with a three-year guarantee that are perfect for the guy whose wallet tends to take a battering.

I’m really impressed with Bellroy Wallets, their smart, and most of all effective and with prices ranging from £39 to £99 they are well priced for the quality of the product. Definitely worth checking out.

Find out more, and watch some awesome stop-motion videos on the ranges at bellroy.com

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.