On November 7th I was invited to Bertie’s AW12 bloggers event - an evening of schmoozing, the odd tipple, plenty of banter and most importantly, lots and lots of shoes. The new AW12 collection to be precise.

The location: Bertie, South Moulton St, London

The event: AW12 bloggers party

The hashtag: #bertiebloggersAW12

What I wore:

As many of you tweeted me asking about what I was wearing - here it is - hidden are my Tateossian leather bracelet, Dolce & Gabanna belt and Donna Karen for Whatever It Takes watch.

On to the party:

As part of the event, we were encouraged to try on and check out as many of the collection as we wish with the special treat of being able to take our favourite pair home with us at the end of the night - OK, I know, jammy right? I’ll just let you sit there and be jealous for a second…

Done? OK.

One of the things I like most about this sort of event is the chance to meet with other bloggers - many of them with whom I am already aquatinted through the online world and twitter.

Bumping into old friends like @LAW1SFAB:

Or helping new friends like @yossifisher and @rainbowsnfairyd pick their new shoes:

The shoes on offer definitely did’t disappoint  Every style for every occasion are on offer at Bertie. Formal, casual, boots, shoes, loafers, trainers and so on. You name it, Bertie can provide it - and for a great price and great quality.


Almost immeadiately I clocked these Crowd boots - and that was pretty much me done - I tried on a few other pairs, but I loved the simplicity of these leather boots. Slight fading, wrinkled detail and burnished edges gives these boots a ‘lived-in’ feel that works for me. An easily transferable style for any colour jeans or chinos.



A great night was had by all - and the kilo of sweets given to me from the Pix ‘n’ Mix wall went down a treat at work the next day, as did the new boots.


A massive thanks to Bertie and The Dune Group for inviting me. I urge you all to go check them out. All of the shoes seen in these photos and many, many more are available over at Bertieshoes.com and the men’s shoes are also available at ChelseaCobbler.com.







Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.