Introduce yourself to The Glenlivet Cipher, the world’s most mysterious whisky.

A jet-black bottle. No cask information. No tasting notes. The Glenlivet Cipher is a limited edition single malt released by Master Distiller Alan Winchester. Are up to the task of solving it’s riddle?

The ultimate taste challenge

Our sense of taste is innately affected by our sight. We associate our memories of taste with what we saw when we last sampled the same flavour. A great for identifying regular things we consume, it can also hinder something’s true enjoyment.

If you’re a true whiskey fan, this is a must try bottle.  The Glenlivet pushes the boundaries of flavour exploration, inviting fans to put their whisky nous to the test. As a result, it challenges noses and palates to decipher the code. The Glenlivet Cipher is crafted in a unique combination that has never been used before. It offers a new flavour experience to explore whilst staying true to the iconic, flawlessly smooth and fruit flavour that has made the distillery famous.

So, are you willing to take on the challenge? If manage to get your hands on one a bottle, first of all you’ll need to discover one of the flavours hidden within a cryptic code. Then you’ll head to to face the ultimate flavour test. If you who manage to complete the exploration you’ll receive a score showing how close you came to breaking the code. It’s like you’re the Alan Turing of whisky.

Launching in the UK with a limited run of 1200 bottles (well, 1199 as I have one), Cipher is available exclusively at Selfridges. But quick, it’s selling out fast.





Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.