So the lovely guys at Burton Menswear have asked me to be a part of their How to Dress Like a Gentleman campaign, and have asked me to come up with the different things men can do to achieve it.

Firstly, I feel that I should say that, for me, being a ‘gentleman’ is so much more than how you dress, it’s about the person as well. A gentleman is someone with manners and compassion, with ideals and ambition. But clothing can be a great way to enhance these traits.

[tweetability]A gentleman is someone who holds the comfort of other’s above their own. The instinct to do that is inside every good man ~ Anna Kendrick[/tweetability]

Suits You

The key gentlemanly style is, of course, the suit. It’s the globally-recognised calling card of the dapper and refined - or OCD suffering psychopaths like Patrick Bateman, but I digress. A suit is the way of showing the world you have style, you take care of yourself and take pride in your appearance.

I love a three-piece suit. It’s my go-to choice every time. And it has to be patterned - I can’t deal with plain suits. They are so boring; go black go ‘funeral’, go navy go ‘banker’, go grey go ‘meh’. Opting for something patterned (though not pinstriped!) brings a distinct energy to your look. It’s eye catching and totally promotion worthy.

Burton asked me to choose a suit from their collection and there was one that caught my eye immediately. I have my sister’s wedding coming up later in the year and there’s nothing worse than wedding guests turning up in dark and dull suits on such a happy occasion, so this checked grey suit was exactly what I had in mind.

The suit’s mid-tone makes it a versatile choice for anytime of year and the pattern gives it a sartorial edge. I actually love the styling on the site, the checked shirt works so well, and the mixed-pattern works to the look’s advantage - if it’s too much for you, try taking one of the tones from the shirt and working it in a plain style. I love wearing a knitted tie with suits, it gives it a fashion difference and helps the look avoid becoming to squeaky clean, and the gunmetal tie bar is the perfect finisher. As for the shoes, black and simple with minimal detailing is the way forward.

Dressing Down Like A Gentleman

Question is, can you dress casually and still be a gentleman? Short answer, yes.

Relating to the finer points of what it is to be a gentleman, when dressing down, you just need to make sure your style is still considered. Show thought and take pride.
I love this shot from Burton’s new range, it’s so easy-wearing, comfortable but still so stylish. It sums up my personal styling mantra - ‘Simple but not basic’. The knitted construction on the polo shirt adds a contemporary dynamic and the Prince of Wales checked shorts pull through the formal tones of our suiting options. Team with a matching belt and comfortable loafers and you’ve got yourself a gentlemanly look that’s going to work on sunny English days as well as boating trips on the Riviera.

But what about really casual? Want to wear joggers? Fine, but make sure they are fitted, not slouchy and PLEASE make sure they are co-ordinated with the rest of your look. Burton have a good range of men’s joggers all with tapered ankles. Opt for dark styles for the most varied styling options. Then pair them with your favourite trainers, a neutral or subtly patterned top and then layer on a casual shirt for the the perfect I-just-threw-this-on look.

All of these styles and more are available at

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Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.