Got MILK? No? Well you should.

I first came across MILK a few seasons ago at LC:M when a packet of their Scrub + Cleanse wipes were included in a goodie bag I was given. It was instant love, the wipes have an exfoliating side with a rough texture that’s perfect for lifting dirt off your skin, while the smoother other side is great for removing the dirt and cleansing the skin.

MILK was founded by former swimming champ Michael Klim in Australia, so during my recent trip I couldn’t miss the oppotunity to chat with Michael and learn more about the brand…

What was the inspiration behind MILK?

Skincare is always something I’ve been interested in, & after years of swimming I found it difficult to find products that really helped my dry skin. My wife Lindy & I did some research after my swimming career and found there was a gap in the market for a ‘masstige’ men’s skincare range. I had also had the name ‘Milk’ (Klim spelt backwards) up my sleeve for a while, so it all just came together.

What can it provide guys over other products on the market?

Milk is aspirational yet accessible – it looks good in the bathroom yet is really decently priced. It’s quick & easy to use, & most importantly it’s good for your skin and actually works. Unlike some other brands, we only create the products guys really need in their daily routine.

I love your exfoliating wipes, they were my first introduction to MILK, but what’s your one can’t-live-without product?

I can’t live without the Face Moisturiser and Sunscreen SPF 15 – it’s always been our hero product & one I’m really proud of, in terms of its functionality and performance. It’s perfect when I’m in both Bali & Australia – light enough for everyday use and it transcends the seasons in all climates.

Being Australian, and a champion swimmer, you know all of the effects the elements have on our skin, so what are you top tips for a good skincare routine?

My main issue was dry skin – a direct effect of daily chlorine exposure – but can also be caused by everyday environmental elements such as the sun, sweat & air-conditioning. The key is to wash your face with a good cleanser (I prefer one with a subtle exfoliate such as our Face Wash & Scrub) to remove oil and grease, & moisturise afterward – if you’re just starting the day be sure to use one with an SPF like our Face Moisturiser & Sunscreen SPF 15 or Sports Moisturiser SPF30 (for the body). It’s really very simple.

Who’s better at looking after themselves? The Aussies or the Brits?

We’re definitely still a little way off the Brits! The UK consumer has always been a little ahead of the Aussie male, in terms of willingness to try something new. But that’s all changing in Australia – guys are no longer embarrassed to buy their own skincare, and this feeling is relaxing even more as the options & places to purchase (including online) are growing.

While I’ve been in Australia, I’ve had to up my sun car game to cope with the heat. I love your Dry Touch SPF 30+Sunscreen, it smells incredible. How much does the olfactory experience of your products factor into their creation, or is every ingredient chosen based on it’s efficacy? 

Efficacy is definitely the top priority for our products – but we’ve become quite well-versed at finding products that do both – smell great and actually improve skin quality. For instance, the aloe vera and tea tree oils not only smell great, but provide a cooling effect on the skin and repel bugs in warmer climates.One of the greatest things about MILK is it’s accessible price point for a quality product. Was it always in the back of your mind to keep it affordable.

One of the greatest things about MILK is it’s accessible price point for a quality product. Was it always in the back of your mind to keep it affordable? 

Absolutely. We originally stocked the men’s range in higher-end department stores at a higher price point, but quickly realized it wasn’t where men were buying their skincare. So after some slight tweaks, we were able to reengineer the brand to sell at a lower price point, whilst maintaining the quality ingredients and protecting the manufacturing of the products to remain here in Melbourne, something very important to me.

Describe MILK in three words…

Simple. Effective. Quality.

You also have a women’s range and MILK Baby, as a family man this seems like a natural progression, was it planned or did it just happen after the original success?

While the idea was always there it was certainly more an organic progression. The catalyst for the Milk Baby range came about when Lindy became pregnant with our second child, for no other reason than she wasn’t able to find simple, quality products that were naturally derived & gentle on babies skin. The women’s range wasn’t something we originally thought would happen, but when people (particularly mum’s already loyal to the Baby range) wouldn’t stop asking about natural women’s products, we couldn’t say no!

What’s next for MILK? 

Milk is continually expanding with new sku’s across all ranges. Innovation is something we pride ourselves on and this will be a focus in 2015. We will look to maintain & build our brand awareness in Australia, while making ourselves known in the Asian market (China, Korea) and continue export through Europe. There’s no slowing down!

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Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.