It’s remarkable how much punishment our skin takes – form the extrinsic factors of environment like the sun, smoking and repeated muscle movements (think face and smiling) as well the skin’s constant need to repair scratches bruises and other knocks we submit it to daily. Our largest organ is always working, and with its constant presence its care is easily overlooked.

As much as we like to think that a good moisturiser and the occasional scrub will do in the fight to keeping our skin looking young, smooth and oh-so fresh, it is just as important to take the battle deeper and fight from within.

This is a battle cry of BioCorrex, who have been waging the war against ageing skin with their range of inner beauty supplements. I was given the chance to try out their Über Skin Plus collagen powder and put it to the test.

Uber Skin Plus boasts that in just 8 weeks it see a reduction on wrinkles and furrows by 26%, suppleness of the skin increased by 19% and hydration levels increased by a massive 28%.

Question is, does it work?

I have to admit it did take me a couple weeks to really get into the routine of taking it every morning and more often than not would get distracted and forget but eventually I got there.

The first thing to praise is that the powder mixes well into any liquid. I was surprised not to have to suffer the gritty texture or powdery aftertaste that is so common with powdered supplements – so far so good. I either mixed mine with water each morning or added it in as part of my morning breakfast shake.

*Jumps through time*

It’s been a couple of months since I started using  Über Skin Plus and at 26 years old I wasn’t expecting major results as my skin still has its natural elasticity. Though research shows that we begin to loose our natural snapback at our mid-20s, so these things are always worth considering now (sad face). One thing that I did notice however was that at the end of a long day when I felt tired and worn out, my skin wasn’t showing this to the world as much as it used to. In fact, during the three days of the London Collection back in June, during the parties and the feet-killing work, I was actually complemented on how fresh my skin looked on more than one occasion. As nothing in my usual moisturising routine had changed, I could only attribute it to the powder helping my skin recover faster and keep going from within.

I’d love to see someone who’s body is already showing the signs of ageing use this product and see what their results are, but from my experience with it, it’s definitely worth considering as part of a wider skincare routine.

You can buy BioCorrex Über Skin Plus from for £64.95

- Words by Neil Thornton

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Written by Neil Thornton
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