Now, it hasn’t really ever occurred to me before to go looking for fragrances on the high street. I’m not a fragrance snob, OK, maybe a little, but you just never associate fragrances with high street brands. But this is something that’s changing, more and more high street brands are jumping on the sweet-smelling wagon of own-brand fragrances, and Superdry in one of them.

Superdry has a large offering of fragrances, starting from around £30. The range is well rounded with something for any occasion that will appeal to the older and younger fans of this behemoth high street brand.

While the scents can be used at any time – it’s your choice after all, I’ve categorised them into occassions to wear them to help you get a clearer picture.

First up is the colour range; each bottle is sleek in design with a cool Zippo lighter-style flip lid.


With top notes of blood orange, Superdry’s Orange opens with a burst of citrus for a fresh and clean scent. The fragrance settles in with notes of frankincense and sandalwood and lingers with a final sweet touch of patchouli. It’s an easy-to-wear day fragrance that’s going to pair well whether at work or off duty.


Superdry Blue isn’t a groundbreaking scent, but it’s still one of my favourites; a fresh aquatic fragrance, the composition opens with top notes of bergamot and gives way to a heart of refreshing pear and clary sage. The moss base gives it a bitter and crisp finish with the perfect weight. Keep this one for workwear – sprits your suit and shirt and off you go.


Steel is lively fragrance, with an effervescent nature that makes it a refreshing choice day or night. Invigorating top notes of lime and bergamot, lime in particular, open into a long heart of cardamom and piquant violet leaves as the fragrance settles. The base notes are listed as cedarwood and moss – the cedarwood is the driving force and the dominant smell that lingers after the moss’ murkiness wears off.


Easily the after-dark fragrance of the range, Superdry Black is a timeless, signature scent that will linger in the mind of wearers young and old. Initial notes of lavender, jasmine and juicy lime open the fragrance with an opulent, sugary-sweet smell – though its sillage is short lived. The base notes are deep and lingering with a narcotic blend of sandalwood, balsam and incense, leather and moss taking hold and delivering the weight of the fragrance. It’s a masculine scent for the modern, discerning gent.

Finally we have the latest dry range of colognes – a special premium range. Presented in a textured box with a fabric lined, layered cardboard inner frame, the bottle are made of weighted glass and feature a removable aged-leather wrist strap.

Dry Oil

“Combining a striking fougère accord with vanilla notes, Dry Oil is built around a fusion of lavender and iris that is lifted by lemon, petigrain, cypress, cardamom and neroli and strengthened with rich ambery rose. The vanilla accord is supported with cedarwood and patchouli and sweetened with ambrette seed, coumarin and musks.”

This Dry fragrance is truly unique; it’s the sort of scent that has you constantly coming back for, whether you think you like it or not. It’s intoxicating and intriguing. The whole presentation is on-brand with Superdry, it’s edgy, feels worn in and durable but in an up-to-date way. The metallic nature of the fragrance if very masculine, while the musk and base notes offer complementing warmth.

Double Dry

“Opening with a fresh burst of bergamot, juicy Sicilian mandarin and clean frozen grapefruit. A heart of aromatic juniper, rosemary and subtle sichuan pepper with a base of rosewood, musk, incense and oakmoss.”

Following on from Dry Oil’s metallic nature, Double dry is still a masculine scent but with a little added punch. The opening citrus notes hit the back of the nose and are followed by the peppery, aromatic heart. It’s a potent scent that lingers to reveal a musky base.

While most of the fragrances on offer at Superdry follow a rather formulaic approach of fresh/aqueous top notes that develop into deeper woody/moss scents, they are worth taking the time to sample. At a reasonably low entry price for the 40ml, you may find yourself saving a few bob over the higher end style.

Superdry fragrances start from £29.50 for 40ml and can be bought in store or online at

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.