As the old sartorial saying goes, “Black and blue, shame on you.”

But the style tide is changing. An under-the-radar trend, over the course of 2015, this once forbidden combo have become must-try fashion bedfellows.

So, can you wear navy and black together?

Even the likes of GQ and Complex have gotten in on the action, busting the style myth and offering a host of occasions where wearing navy and black is a winning choice.

It’s dark without feeling gothic, slick without being slimy. – GQ

Personally, I think the key to getting it right all comes down to the navy choice. It needs to be a deep, true navy – it’s when you head into mid-blue territory that it can be harder to work – whereas casual looks with light blue jeans can be pulled off.

Menswear Trend: Can You Wear Navy and Black?

This gave me the perfect opportunity to road-test my new jogging trousers from ASOS. I’m a little obsessed with these, I’ve been dying to get a pair of tailored jogging bottoms. Cuffed and slim-leg joggers are all over the place at the moment and are a key piece for anyone wanting to get in on the whole sports-luxe/athleisure wear trends.

I’ve tried on about 500 pairs of jogging bottoms recently – no joke – but it’s hard for someone of my build to pull it off, as my thighs and calves are bigger from training, it’s difficult to find a pair that don’t end up looking like tights. But ASOS saved the day. I also love that these are a more formal style, with zip detailing and belt loops, making it a great office choice too.

Menswear Trend: Can You Wear Navy and Black? Menswear Trend: Can You Wear Navy and Black?

I teamed the look with my staple Clarks Chart Zip boots, Selected Homme v-neck t-shirt and Acne jacket (get similar here and here on ASOS), pulling the zip details throughout the look. Finishing the outfit are my Valentino Rockstud sunglasses.

Menswear Trend: Can You Wear Navy and Black? Menswear Trend: Can You Wear Navy and Black?

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.