In case you missed it, I recently had the chance to go behind the scenes of the new Star Wars film Rogue One  with Gillette at Pinewood Studios.

As part of the evening, I also got to interview renowned men’s artistic barber and grooming expert Carmelo Guastella and pick his brains about current manscape that is men’s grooming.

What do most men ask you when you’re cutting their hair?

The most common question that I get asked is, “Do what you like and what you think will suit me.” Of course, I will go through a consultation with the client to understand what is the best haircut that suits the customer and takes into consideration many factors such as profession, age, face and head shape and type of hair.

What do think will be the next men’s hair trend?

I feel that hair is getting longer moving away from the sleek side part styles we have seen in the last few years. We will see more disheveled yet stylish looks achieved with advanced hair-cutting techniques.

What’s the key to a successful grooming routine?

Finding the right tools that meet your individual needs. That’s why I like Gillette – they provide a wide range of tools to help guys craft their story and take on the journey ahead – whatever that may be.

What are your go-to hair products?

With hair products I adhere to a “less is more” philosophy – products that enhance the natural texture of hair, avoiding greasy styling products and opting instead for leave-in lotions, light paste, sea salt spray and clay type products that leave a matte finish.

How about skincare?

Before shaving, I’ll use Gillette Fusion Sensitive Shave Gel + Skin Care 2-in-1. It helps hydrates to soften hair, and improves razor glide for an incredible shave.

With regards to skincare, what’s the minimum a guy should be doing?

I recommend exfoliating and moisturizing.

What can a guy do to help thicken the appearance of his hair?

A good haircut is important to visually balance the sides and thinning top, extra help to thicken the hair with Sea Salt spray, there are also some coloured hair fibres that give the impression of thicker hair and finally which many people I know and I have given advice are hair transplants.

What’s the best way to avoid in grown hairs?

Use an exfoliator which is important to remove the dead skin cells that surround facial hairs. Before shaving splash plenty of water over your face to soften hair, and use a decent shaving gel such as Gillette Fusion Sensitive Shave Gel + Skin Care 2-in-1. 

Can you use the same razor/shaver on your face as well as your body? Or should you get a separate one?

You should use a separate razor for your face and your body as both areas are very different and require different tools. Using a face razor to body shave can result in nicks, cuts, irritation and pain because the razor hasn’t been designed for the tricky terrain of the male body.

Gillette actually has a dedicated BODY portfolio, providing tools precisely engineered for body grooming, delivering superior results for men who previously used scissors or face razors in their body shaving routines. For instance BODY5 razor has spring-mounted blades that individually adjust to the curves and contours of the body, so they stay in contact with the skin, even on tricky shaving areas such as the knees and the ankles.

What’s the rule for different face/jaw shapes?

One common problem I see with guys is not knowing where/or how to line in their beards.

I see the face as a blank canvas. The perfect face shape is oval so the basic rule is on somebody with a round face is to have longer hair on the chin to achieve more of an oval face and reinforce the chin. 

Another rule is to shave hairs on the cheeks and lower neck at the Adam Apple. Guys think they can just grow a beard and not care about it, but it is really the contrary. They need to shape their facial hair and maintain their look so that their face properly conveys their story.

Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.