For those in need of something soothing with a little more kick than your average, Eucrein Skincare offers cosmeceutical-level relief to dry, irritated skin.

Between my hours in the pool – I’m an avid swimmer and qualified swim teacher in my spare time – and the gym floor, my skin, and hands especially, take a beating. You’d be hard pressed to find my hands without multiple calloused or some amount of skin missing or damaged. It’s just part and parcel of the activities.

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But over time, this damage has gotten worse and it has lead to greater issues. The constant chemical exposure in the pool and the friction of gripping weights in the gym has left the skin on my hands in a state. Once wet, I can almost simply rub my fingers together and the skin will start coming away, yeah, it’s gross. Now think about how bad it gets when I loose multiple layers over a few days, red and raw, that’s how, and painful to boot.

So I spend an unhealthy amount on treatments for my hands and I’ve tried a huge amount of different techniques. There are some no brainers – like a quick trip to the Dr. for some steroid cream and I’m doing a lot better a mere few days later. But I do have concerns about always applying strong steroids to my body and often seek lighter, over-the-counter ways.

Recently I have been treating the problem with a double team from Eucerin. Founded over 100 years ago, Eucerin’s products are built on a formidable foundation of research and history; their highly effective product innovations are tested to the highest dermatological standard  – only released once clinical proof has been achieved.

My doting duo are the AtoControl Bath and Shower Oil and the Bath and Shower Body Care Lotion. Both products contain a rich blend of omega fatty acids (oil 20% lotion 15%) that help soothe and rehydrate the skin; the oil also contains Polidocanol, which acts as an aesthetic to dull itching dry skin.

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After soaking in the shower or bath I apply the Bath and Shower Oil to wet skin, rub in gently and leave for a little bit then rinse off thoroughly (without rubbing to hard). I then jump out the tub and pat dry my skin with a towel to make sure the oil is keeping as much moisture in as possible. Once dry I use the Lotion all over with extra on my hands, I use this on my hands daily and the oil every other day-ish and the skin on my hands has calmed down a lot. It hurts less and looks less severe.

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I highly recommend giving Eucerin products a go if you’re after real results and not simply just temporarily hydrated skin from an everyday moisturiser.

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Neil Thornton

Written by Neil Thornton
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