Hey Guys,

So it has been a while since I last posted. The reason being I have been crazy busy with my new internship job as a Stylist and Private Shopper for Matches Fashion.

It has been an incredible journey so far and I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people.

So I just wanted to quickly share with you some of what I do.

The Brief:

Client: Mrs X

Age: 39

Occasion: Wedding

Dress: The Bridal Dress

Notes: This is not to be a traditional wedding gown. Something different, preferably shorter, cocktail length, quirky yet a statement. Doesn’t have to be a traditional colour.

So from this brief we pulled around 15 dress or so in, some short, some long, some white/nude/blue/grey/fuscia (she said unconventional!) and we managed to narrow them down to 4!

First up we have a lovely little Erdem floral print dress. I dont have a photo but its very pretty.

Then we have the beautiful Giambattista Valli dress which harness the draping trend with its nude silk blend. I am probably going to pair this up with some Louboutin Peep-toe heels.

So we have these 2 very stunning dresses, however when the client wore them, she did look great, but there was something missing, that impact, the statement of ‘I am the bride and this is my day’. These dresses were just nice dresses on her.

So we were left with two contenders:

Up first is the Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Now we didn’t select the black version. We have it in light nude, I just can’t find the pic of that colour. The dress is stunning and has that quirky edge the client was looking for. However in true Westwood form, the dress is style over comfort and hem is soo tapered at the bottom that the dress is hard to walk in.

Last but not least is my favourite, the Alexander McQueen Tuxedo dress. This dress is EVERYTHING. When the client walked out into the room she looked incredible, the fit was perfect, it accentuated everything it needed to and helped tuck in things she wanted to hide. In this dress, this was her moment. It is the perfect mix of edgy class and sophistication. This dress is made even more impactive when pared with some sky high louboutins, but the question is now which ones!??!

If someone was buying this dress for a night event or party, I would say something bold, like snake skin Louboutins or studded/jet black patent pumps, but as this is her wedding dress, the dress needs to be the focus, so maybe some simple Stella nude patent pumps?

I’ll let you know what she decides.



OK, so my last client made her decision on the wedding dress…

…drumroll please




What do you guys think? Right choice?

I must admit i was hoping she would choose the McQueen as she looked so good in it, but i TOTALLY agree with her reasons for choosing this awesome Westwood dress. (It being that after the RW McQueen is too obvious and takes some of its specialness away)

Now for the shoooooes! Thoughts? As its her wedding I am thinking of keeping it simple with some Louboutin nude patent pumps.



Written by Neil Thornton
London-based coffee drinker. Editor by day, blogger by whatever time he finds spare.